Discover A Powerful New Marketing Service You Can Offer That Virtually Eliminates Client Churn, Adds 6-Figures To Your "Take Home" Pay, & Sets You Apart From The Vast Sea Of Average Marketers

Your marketing agency is missing out on huge profits.

In a moment, we'll share the unique solution we came up with to fix this problem for our agency... and how you can do exactly what we did, too!

But first, a quick story...

By all accounts, Linda's agency should be considered a success.

She and her small team work with more than a hundred small businesses in their surrounding region.

The agency builds websites, writes content, runs ads, and a performs a host of other assorted marketing tasks.

Linda's clients love what the agency does for them. And she takes great pride that her staff is talented, dedicated, and always available for their clients.

But if you asked Linda how business was going, she'd tell you a different story.

Because behind the facade of Linda's "little engine that could" agency, there's a more complicated story.

For instance, clients are constantly leaving - sometimes without warning or reason - forcing Linda to always be on the hunt for new ones...

Ken Cook & David Baer
Founders of The Prepared Group

...and struggling to balance her time between family, friends, and keeping her business going.

There's also a revolving door of employees.

Some quit because of the crazy hours or high expectations, others complain they've got too big of a workload...

...and others feel like they're not being heard or respected by their clients or peers.

And then there's the fact that even though the agency generates over a million dollars each year, Linda - who founded and owns the business and is hardest working, most dedicated member of the team...

Takes home far less than she deserves.

The cold, hard truth of the matter is...

Linda hasn't been able to give herself a raise in over six years!

Now we know that your story may not be exactly the same as Linda's.

But after speaking with hundreds of agency owners in recent years, we hear the same three complaints over and over:

High Client Attrition
• Trouble Holding On To Good Talent
• Owners Not Taking Home Enough Money

These are problems we understand all too well. Because we've experienced them too!

That why, in 2018, we abandoned the traditional marketing agency model, and...

We reinvented our business as a "Start With Strategy" Marketing Consultancy

And we're not talking about any old consulting...

We designed a comprehensive consulting program to deliver HIGH VALUE to the businesses who go through the process...

...and a HIGH NET PROFIT for us!

And now, we're sharing everything we've developed (and all of the knowledge behind it) as part of our official... 

"Start With Strategy" Marketing Agency Program

The Prepared Marketing System has revolutionized the way clients think about their marketing...

...helping them make better, more profitable, and more strategic decisions.

And businesses are willing to invest significantly in this kind of comprehensive planning process, because it is an investment that pays off for years to come.

The "Start With Strategy" model allows you to choose better clients, too!

Clients who recognize the value of investing tens-of-thousands of dollars and committing to a comprehensive consulting process so they can benefit from better, predictable, and consistent marketing systems for years to come.

At first, we thought we'd become the agency that helps small businesses create profitable marketing systems.

But we quickly realized we could help more businesses... by putting our consultative approach into the hands of the marketers and agencies already serving them.

Which is why we've decided to turn to to marketing professionals like you and show you our new and highly profitable "Start With Strategy" business model.


Inside the program, you or your designated consultant (trained by us), will guide your clients through a series of decisions about their market positioning, the way they structure the offer of their products and/or services, and identify multiple paths to increase their revenue.

When you become a licensee of The Prepared Marketing System , you'll also...

  • Have your very own plug-and-play high-ticket, high net profit offer (netting you as much as $20k or more per client you sign in take-home-profits)

  • Increase your client retention (agencies whose clients go through this program can easily earn their continued patronage and loyalty for years to come - which is often tied to a happier and longer-tenured team members)

  • Move your agency from "service provider" to "trusted advisor" status (positioning is everything - and this new positioning give you the ability to play a more active and influential role in the growth of your clients businesses)

  • Access free ongoing support and training from The Prepared Group team.

  • Plus you'll receive access to our archives of sales and promotional materials as well as our extensive collection of books, videos, interviews and other resources to help you serve your clients in a way they've never experienced before from other marketers.
And don't worry about "finding extra time" in your busy schedule to take on more "work."

If you or someone on your current team doesn't want to be responsible for doing the consulting work... you don't have to do it yourself! Like we said above, if you'd like, we'll help you find a consultant - and train them to do the work for you - at no additional cost to you!


This program is NOT RIGHT for you if...
  • You prefer "quick fix" solutions to rolling up your sleeves and doing the necessary work to grow your agency. (Reality check: nothing with the kind of financial payoff available here is push button easy.)
  • You don't think there's anything else worth learning about marketing or business growth. If you're convinced that the latest tactics are also the greatest tactics... that can be applied to just about any type of business, this program is not for you.

  • You'd rather invest your efforts in cookie-cutter business models of "Scale Your Agency" Gurus who teach you how to sell simple, repeatable marketing "solutions" over and over, while you pass along the work to low-paid workers overseas.
  • You believe your job as a marketer starts and ends with driving traffic or leads to your clients - this program is definitely NOT for you!
This program is RIGHT for you if...
  • You own an agency or provide marketing services to businesses... such as lead generation, web design, SEO, PPC, social media, branding, offline marketing, print media, outdoor media, broadcast media, promotional products, public relations, content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, direct response copywriting, or any other service that helps your clients grow.
  • You recognize the value in repositioning your agency or advisory into a non-commoditized "category of one" business which has clients clamoring to invest heavily with you to help them grow their businesses.
  • You are willing and dedicated to implementing a "Start With Strategy" approach to the work you do.
  • You're excited about continuously learning and growing your business through ongoing training, interactions with your peers, and support and guidance from our team.

If you would like to explore what it could be like to become a licensee of The Prepared Marketing System and help businesses achieve their goals and dreams more systematically and strategically...

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Hear what some of our licensees have to say...

"agencies need to be doing this!"
"Hands down this has been the best program I have ever experienced."
"It actually saved me tens of thousands of dollars by working with Ken & David."
"I'll be able to ask clients questions that other people wouldn't ask them."
"It gives me the resources and tools to be able to go into their business and say I can help you grow."
"You're communicating in a way that makes that person feel understood."
"Everyone knows which direction we are going and how this program is going to help us."
"It can really help companies 2x, or 3x themselves easily and get their money back."
"They make it so much easier to sell to a client."
"This system makes it easy for me as part of an agency to deliver..."
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Due to the highly customized nature of our program, and out of respect for you and the other agencies and marketers we work with, we strictly limit the number of new licensees we can accept each month. This allows us to provide maximum personal attention to you during the onboarding and training process.