How Marketing Agencies Can Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue

Agency owners: need help in reposition yourself to leverage productization of marketing strategy?
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When you become a Prepared Agency, you'll...

  • Have your very own plug-and-play high-ticket, high net profit offer (netting you as much as $20k or more per client you sign in take-home-profits)
  • Increase your client retention (agencies whose clients go through this program can easily earn their continued patronage and loyalty for years to come - which is often tied to a happier and longer-tenured team members)
  • Move your agency from "service provider" to "trusted advisor" status (positioning is everything - and this new positioning give you the ability to play a more active and influential role in the growth of your clients businesses)
  • Access free ongoing support and training from The Prepared Group team.
  • Plus you'll receive access to our archives of sales and promotional materials as well as our extensive collection of books, videos, interviews and other resources to help you serve your clients in a way they've never experienced before from other marketers.
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