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We're David Baer and Ken Cook. Along with our UK-based partner, AJ Saunders, we've worked as marketing professionals collectively for more than five decades.

Ever since online marketing channels have become dominant ("Yellow Pages... what's that?"), we've witnessed far too many businesses struggling to grow... because they've been misled into... wasting their time, wasting their money, and wasting energy on "trendy" marketing tactics that simply aren't right for their growth goals.

Frankly, the marketing industry is to blame - with a focus on selling tactics instead of strategy, and emphasizing platforms instead of solving problems. We know, because as former marketing agency owners, we probably contributed to the confusion.

And the problem is only getting worse, as "Scale Your Agency" Gurus are out there selling marketers on the dream of raking in big money by specializing in one or two marketing "tricks" they can sell over and over again, while an outsourced overseas team fulfills the work for pennies on the dollar.

After deciding there had to be a better way to help our clients grow and succeed, we formed The Prepared Group, a strategy-first marketing consultancy.


Based on proven practices that have been used by many of the world's most successful companies, we've developed our proprietary Predictable Revenue Framework, designed to make certain you don't miss out on revenue opportunities sitting right in front of you. 


But we know we can’t single-handedly solve the misalignment of the marketing services industry alone. Which is why since 2021, we’ve invited our peer marketing agencies to join us on our mission to provide strategic guidance to clients, not just in the traditional areas of marketing, but in the many operational areas where we can positively impact revenue generation and retention.

Hear what some of our members, clients, and students have to say...

"agencies need to be doing this!"
"It gives me more time to do what I want to do outside of the work world."
"It actually saved me tens of thousands of dollars by working with Ken & David."
"I'll be able to ask clients questions that other people wouldn't ask them"
"It gives me the resources and tools to be able to go into their business and say I can help you grow."
"Hands down this has been the best program I have ever experienced."
"soup to nuts of what needs to happen for nurturing leads and converting sales."
"This system makes it easy for me as part of an agency to deliver..."
"it can really help companies 2x, or 3x themselves easily and get their money back."
"I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their business."
"I'm super energized and enthusiastic in moving my business forward."
They "make it so much easier to sell to a client."
"You're communicating in a way that makes that person feel understood."
This is Amazing, this is changing the way I think about marketing.
"I had a lot of aha moments and a real opportunity to work on things you aren't always conscious of."
"I'm leading now with a clear path."
"everyone knows which direction we are going and how this program is going to help us."

If you run a Marketing Agency or Business Consultancy and would like explore joining us on our mission to provide strategic guidance to clients in the many operational areas where we can positively impact revenue generation and retention...

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