David Baer

About David Baer

Creative Partner & Co-Owner

Fun Facts About David...

  • Instructor to over 29,000 students
  • Big time theater fan
  • Even bigger time wine geek
  • Certified Email & Social Media Marketer

David Baer is a veteran direct response marketer who started his career selling classical music subscriptions online at the dawn of email marketing. He has served as the marketing director for three wine importers, and has consulted with 20+ wineries on their marketing efforts.

In 2010, David started his own Facebook Advertising Agency, where he served clients in industries ranging from the Arts to Wine to Professional Services to Coaching and Wellness. Along the way, he's developed more than a dozen online course, conducted live workshops, and taught on countless webinars, all aimed at helping small business owners and entrepreneurs position and promote their business more effectively and profitably.

As Creative Partner with The Prepared Group, David uses sound, time-tested marketing principals (not the latest trendy social platform), leverages smart and powerful online tools, and focus his attention on getting his clients' message in front of their ideal audience. David has authored several books, including "Systematic Advisor Marketing: How Financial Advisors Can Strategically Attract, Convert, & Retain More Clients" (co-authored with Ken Cook).

David is a native New Yorker, who relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2008. Today, he enjoys Portland's thriving food, wine, and arts scenes with his wife and daughter, making as much time as possible to explore the region with his family. Certified as a Wine Educator, David also enjoys introducing visitors and locals to area wineries through his role as a part-time wine country tour guide.