Businesses across the globe are leveraging the ideas at the core of our predictable Revenue framework. Here are a few stories of business marketing excellence for you to model after:

Dr. Corwynn Beals runs a coaching business called Marriage Alchemy, working with people whose marriages are about to end. He had been promoting his program using Facebook ads to drive prospective clients to a webinar. While he was successfully attracting and converting clients, his costs per acquisition were far higher than necessary. So Dr. Beals applied the targeting and positioning principles at the core of the predictable Revenue framework to fine-tune his ads, and attract better prospects. In just three short months, Dr. Beals was able to reduce client acquisition cost by 715% and increased overall revenue by 437%. Since then, he has expanded his team of coaches, added a graduate program, and has developed online courses, all to provide further value to his existing clients and add significantly to his bottom line.

Advanced Hydraulic Solutions is a training and maintenance company specializing in hydraulic equipment. While they had a fine business, they recognized the potential to further increase their revenue by applying the predictable Revenue framework. By focusing on creating and promoting content related to the industry, they were able to reposition themselves in the marketplace, and develop a clearly defined offer like nothing ever seen in their industry before. By nurturing their database and crafting an offer speaking specifically to their ideal target market, Advanced Hydraulic Solutions won 2 multi six-figure contracts.

Tim Pierson is a financial advisor in a small community in Georgia. For a decade, he's been serving a general clientele, offering them a wide range of financial and insurance services. His biggest challenge has been standing out in a crowded marketplace of other service providers and DIY solutions. Tim's special affinity for home builders and other Professionals in the trades let him to reposition his business and his offering. Rebranding his services specifically for professionals in the trades, Tim has been able to develop regeneration materials, webinar content, and a book speaking directly to his ideal target market. Now, Tim is able to be distinguished as the expert in his space and has the systems in place to attract, convert, and retain more clients with ease.