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Our proprietary Prepared Marketing System provides you with a customized roadmap to increase your business’ revenue strategically and predictably.


Dear Business Owner,

When it comes to advertising and marketing, businesses like yours have the cards stacked against you .

All you want - just like any business does - is a way to attract new prospects you can convert into buyers. But even though it seems like a simple task…

You’ve discovered most of the options promising to grow your business… simply don’t deliver.

Sadly, you’re not alone.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows around half of all businesses fail within their first five years. In part, because they've engaged in “business growth” activities that don’t align with them, their audience, or their goals.

Who's to blame? 

Some call it the “Marketing Industrial Complex.”

It’s not some vast conspiracy of media sellers attempting to dupe you out of money. Rather it’s the way WE’VE BEEN CONDITIONED to think about marketing and advertising… and what we’ve all come to accept...

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. 

Or, as the 19th Century retail magnate John Wanamaker put it, “Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.”

Fact is…

This is antiquated thinking too few business owners (and advertising sales organizations) have been able to move beyond.

After working with hundreds of business owners, we've repeatedly seen three common problems holding them back from success with marketing:

  1. Most marketing solutions are sold in a silo. Most channel ads - publications, broadcast, social media, coupon mailers, etc. - are sold by the channels themselves, so they are inherently biased toward their own solution.

  2. The range of marketing options is larger than it’s ever been - which creates all kinds of confusion and overwhelm for the average business owner.

  3. Business owners are typically experts in what their business does… not how to market it. So marketing has become an afterthought and doesn't receive the attention it deserves.

Of course, there are exceptions to the above.

Across the globe there's a group of enlightened business owners who have wisely taken a step back from their business... to focus on the bigger picture. Instead of simply being an expert at what their business does… they’ve become experts on how to market their business.

Now, you may not yet have joined their ranks... but if you are among the elite group of enlightened, forward thinking business owners willing to put on your proverbial marketing hat…

We Built the Prepared Marketing System for You!

Of course, there will be work involved to get where you want your business to be (wouldn't it be great if you could just snap your fingers and... poof... money started to fall from the sky?).

Working with our consulting team requires discipline and commitment on your part. That’s why we only work with professionals and entrepreneurs who have a vision to improve their business… no matter the work involved.

We're talking about professionals and entrepreneurs who...

  • Are Ready, Willing, and Able to Get Really Focussed… because they understand that it’s so much easier to stand apart from the competition when you’re perceived as a specialist.

  • Demonstrate a Commitment To Follow-Up… which is a cornerstone of the most winning sales organizations. That’s because not all prospects aren’t ready to buy today... but most will be ready at some point.

  • Value Tracking and Measuring Their Marketing Activities… because they know, while most business owners are blindly jumping from one marketing tactic to the next, they can employ the power of data to inform their marketing decisions.

  • Constantly Go Above and Beyond for Their Clients… knowing the little bit of extra effort on their part will pay dividends for years to come by extending the lifetime value of their clients.

  • Leverage the Power of Relationship… because they recognize each client is an individual who has likes, dislikes, life events, and interests that can be acknowledged and celebrated.

  • Understand that Creating and Implementing Systems Give Them More Freedom… to work ‘on’ their business instead of ‘in’ their business.

How the Prepared Marketing System Works

Our consulting program leverages the power of the eight-step Predictable Revenue Framework...


Over the course of the next 6 months (or less, if you're a quick study), our consultant will guide you and your team through the critical research, validation, and decision making activities needed to implement the Predictable Revenue Framework into your business.

We do this work in 6 phases...

1. Opportunity Analysis & Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic planning can form the foundation for tremendous business success. Of course, most strategic plans fail to get fully implemented. That's often due to a lack of a clearly defined destination.

That's one reason we couple Strategic Marketing Planning with an Opportunity Analysis. This allows us to identify benchmarks and goals, and build the necessary elements of an overall plan designed to reach them.

During this step, we review several areas of your business, including:


  • Your Customer Lifecycle - From how you attract interest to how the relationship is managed and built upon
  • Database Management - How you are managing your prospect and client data
  • Online Marketing - Current and past online marketing activities
  • Offline Marketing - Current and past offline marketing activities
  • Website / Apps - How your technology-based assets are positioned to support your marketing
  • Financial Data - Your key metrics affecting business health, including pricing modeling, and profitability

The result of the review and analysis in this step is a clearly defined roadmap showing where opportunity exists, defined benchmarks and goals, and the necessary actions required to achieve them.

2. USP Discovery

Most businesses never invest time or energy in identifying a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  That's a big mistake. Because when you have one in place, you can remove waste from your marketing and selling process by targeting better prospects, creating better offers, developing better business alliances, increasing conversion rates, and improving your overall Lifetime Customer Value.

The USP Discovery step is a thorough examination of your organization, what you sell and how as well as who buys from you and why. Here, we interview your organization's leadership, employees, customers, referral partners, and other stakeholders. The goal is to uncover overlooked opportunities for you to drive more revenue with less waste.

For most businesses we work with, this step alone is responsible for being able to drive more cash, more quickly than anything else we do.

3. Front-End Management

In this step, we develop and implement the tools needed to leverage your USP. These typically include:

  • Database / Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) - Help you set up essential customer database and communication systems using new or existing software
  • Marketing / Communication Campaigns - Help you build and deploy campaigns to (re-)engage your current customer list and systems for engaging and following-up with new prospects and contacts
  • Lead Magnets - Help identify or guide creation of lead magnets targeting your ideal customer (for example,  copy review and design work as needed and agreed)
  • Short-term Nurture - Work with you to develop a situationally appropriate multi-contact follow-up campaign to nurture new prospect relationships and guide them toward a transaction
  • Client Attraction Plan - Develop plan for where and how to most effectively attract your ideal customer

4. Offer & Conversion

There's a big difference between what you sell and how you sell it. Too many businesses overlook the importance of the latter. In this step we work to optimize your selling process in order to convert more of your prospects into buyers by tapping into the things that matter most to them.

In this step we work with you to reposition what you sell by wrapping it inside a compelling offer that enhances its actual and perceived value, and gets your prospects to say "yes" more easily. This includes consideration of how, when, and where the offer is presented, what's included, and how you charge for what's being delivered. For organizations currently competing based on price, this step can be a game-changer for driving more sales and higher revenue.

In this step, we'll also review and optimize your process for making sales happen and collecting payment with less friction.


5. Stick Programming

So much money goes unclaimed by businesses because they don't have any kind of "stick" program in place. "Stick" programming is designed to keep prospects moving forward until they are ready to engage in business - and to keep your existing customers glued to you, so they'd never consider doing business with anyone else.

There are two major elements in this step:


  • Long-term Nurture Program - This is a critical, ongoing activity that keeps both prospects and existing customers glued to your business. We'll work with you to develop a program for consistently communicating with your list in a targeted, meaningful, and profitable way.
  • Surprise, Delight, & Wow Your Customers - This is the ultimate stick strategy for getting customers to buy more frequently and in larger amounts... not to mention send you referrals. We'll work with you to identify "Surprise, Delight, & Wow" activities you can institutionalize into your business.

This step is all about identifying and formalizing the right targeted activities that keep your prospects and customers on track and glued to your business.


6. Revenue Expansion

You're probably sitting on a goldmine... you just don't know how to extract the gold. But if you've invested in creating a meaningful "Delight & Wow" program (step 4), that gold's so much easier to get your hands on.

In this final step, we identify the best places to bring in additional revenue, and work with you to develop and implement activities to do so. The two areas we focus on are:

  • More Sales to Current Customers - Together we develop systems to naturally upsell, side-sell, and make new offers to your existing customers
  • Referral Systems - Together, we'll create and implement a systematic approach to identifying and managing referrals from current customers and allied business partners.
Hear what some of our clients and students have to say...

So, what's your investment for working with us to build these systems?

Well, since every business has different needs, priorities, and complexities, pricing varies. Once we better understand your needs, we're happy to provide a custom quote. Included in each engagement is a weekly consultation plus ongoing support during each phase of the process.  

The Prepared Marketing System isn't for everyone. It requires a visionary approach to your business, and a willingness to embrace change.

And if you qualify to work with us, WE GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS!

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Due to the highly customized nature of the work we provide for each of our clients, and out of respect for you and the other businesses with whom we work, we strictly limit the number of new projects we take on each month. This allows us to provide maximum personal attention to you during the process.


Support for each step may include a defined number of hours for design, development, copywriting, or other technical work as appropriate. Additional creative work and ads management available for an additional fee. Details can be found in our agreement.