A Little Incentive to Help You Succeed With The Prepared Agency Program 

Experience has shown that success with this program comes from dedication, focus, and consistency.

Licensees who actively participate in certain activities are rewarded with a generous flow of prospects, sales, and new revenue.

We've seen and know what works... and when you take the steps outlined below, we want to further reward you in the form of credit toward annual fee payments.

Here's the breakdown:

Activity Credits

During your 1st year in the Prepared Agency Program, you can earn up to $6,000 off your 2nd year annual licensing fee). We will credit you $2,000k (up to $6k total) for accomplishing each of the following:

  • Weekly online community engagement - posting questions, sharing ideas, reporting accomplishments, and supporting others in the program.

  • Attend and participate in 20+ open office hours for at least one hour each.

  • Host 3 paid workshops attended by at least 6 prospective clients.

  • Include a member of The Prepared Group team on at least 2 sales calls for your consulting program during your first 60 days.

  • Submit 3 sales call videos for feedback during your first 60 days.

Sales Credits

Beginning your 2nd year as a member of the program, you can earn the following credits toward your annual licensing fee for the following year:

  • 6 sales of the full consulting program in a year, reduces annual fee to $5k

  • 9 sales of the full consulting program in a year, reduces annual fee to $0