A Primer On Incorporating Upselling In Your Business

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When you hear the word upsell, most people think “would you like fries with that?” or “would you like to supersize it?” But upselling is a lot more than just getting a bigger burger for $1 extra.

Upselling, simply put, is when you offer additional products or services, often at an increased price. Upselling, however, doesn’t come naturally for most people.
Upselling helps both you and your client. If done correctly, upselling can increase the average value of each transaction while strengthening client loyalty in the process. It provides additional revenue which allows small business owners to expand their operations and even turns happy clients, as upselling encourages client loyalty. So upselling really is an amazing avenue for small business owners everywhere!

And luckily for you, upselling can start easily by deploying one or more of the following ideas:

  1. Make sure your website has a powerful landing page that clearly lists all services provided so browsers can understand the full range of what’s available to them – and there are no hidden options they might miss.
  2. Even if you already have a client database , ask them how they would spend their money differently if they had it to do again, and then recommend services based on their answers — this is a great way to upsell them from the initial offer.
  3. Add upselling components to your booking or scheduling system, which can be tracked through data, and upsell offers can be presented continuously until they buy.
  4. Having trouble getting current clients to buy more… or again? Use email marketing or social media ads to make upsell offers.
  5. You could also promote upsells via mobile i.e. SMS and push notifications, which can engage clients even when they’re on the go!

Upselling really is a powerful method for small businesses to add more revenue. Doing so requires little work but can easily return big results. So go ahead and start using this strategy today and see how well it works!

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