One of the most important elements to any business is its brand identity. A brand is defined by the marketing innovator, Hubspot, as, ” The representation of your company’s reputation through the conveyance of attributes, values, purpose, strengths, and passions.” Prepared Marketing will use our years of marketing experience to help identify, fabricate and disseminate your brand’s identity to your current and prospective client base. Ultimately, your identity as a business is born not from the many questions one may ask about your brand or services, but how you answer. It is critical to remember that if answers change over time or based upon on whom is being answered, it may appear as if the brand is unstable or untrustworthy.

Brand Cohesiveness

It is important to consider the cohesiveness of your branding along with your brand’s identity. Part of the Business Branding process at Prepared Marketing is to examine the logo, color schemes, consistency of voice, pattern usage, font usage to name a few factors.  Prepared Marketing will work with you to identify various outlets where your brand is present and work towards unifying your brand’s presence so that when someone interacts with any of your media or advertising you will be recognized immediately.


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