Web design Sherwood | Website Design TualitinFor most small businesses it is no longer a question of if you should have a website, but rather how much business does your website bring you. It is with this question in mind that we address web design.A great website is effortless to use and simple to access relevant information, products, videos or other content. Website design is fundamentally about making a great first impression. There is a reason that you wear a suit to an interview as my father would say, and it is with this concept that we approach each web project. Every visitor is making a judgment about your company as they look at what you present to them online. This is why every website project done by Prepared Marketing has at least one graphics designer (who specializes web graphics) working on the project. We’ve worked with clients around the country and internationally as well.

Second, we ask that you remember that there is more than the visual aspect that makes a great website. A great website has great information. We work with our clients to help tailor their message to the right audience. What the person who is visiting this website really wants is perhaps the most common question we address. By helping our clients get into the mindset of their clients we help create effective information sharing.

Third, we work with our clients to consider the flow of their website. How do people move through the pages? What pages cause them to either convert (give you something) or leave? By creating intentional funnel and conversion pages your website can achieve its aim, which is to bring you business.

Finally, we believe that your website should be able to be found via the search engines. All of our websites are built with SEO in mind using best practices within the industry to provide you with a solid foundation.

Responsive Website Design

There is an ever increasing number of people using their mobile phones to access the internet, and because of this responsive website design is a critical issue. Responsive website design refers to a website that adjusts the content layout based upon the size of screen. Below is a website that is responsive with three different screen sizes: Phone, Tablet and Computer. All Prepared Marketing websites are built with responsiveness in mind. If you have a question about your website and its responsiveness, please feel free to contact us for an evaluation.



Samples of Our Work

Small Business Websites:

The Core a Pilates Studio (Roswell, GA)

HDE Home Care (Tigard, OR)

Avanti Body Jewelry (Tigard, OR)

Earthquake Tech (Portland, OR)

Tree’s Restaurant and Catering (Sherwood, OR)

Long Island Wine Tours (Long Island, NY)

C3i Technologies (Bangalore, India)

Non-Profit Websites:

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Striving For Eternity

Cross Encounters Ministries

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