Prepared Marketing is a Full Service Marketing Agency specializing in Internet Marketing. One very important part of Internet Marketing is graphic design. To that end we are pleased to provide comprehensive graphic design services. Whether you are in need of branding, print or general web graphics, we have a talented graphic artist to meet your needs.

Graphic Design Services

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Social Media Profile Design
  • Web Image Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Direct Mail Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Signage Design
  • Label Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Ads Design (magazine, web)

General Process

Some customers know exactly what kind of art they want coming in and have exacting requirements while others just have a simple concept in mind. Either way our goal is to be as exact or abstract as the tastes of our clients while maintaining a high aesthetic quality in every piece. Normally we start out by asking questions and review any art submitted for ideas for the project. The next step is the creation of a concept sketch or a series of sketches that play on the main idea to make sure we are communicating effectively. Additionally, there are cases where we will provide option sheets when we see multiple ideas that might work well.

This method saves time for everyone as revising a detailed work is much more complicated than revising a simple sketch. Each approved sketch provides a focus and clear path of execution for each piece. The best ideas taken from multiple sketches may even be combined to provide a more polished final work. (Note: For some types of work you may get additional samples for different stages, especially for complex illustrations). We will build on those ideas with further detail and then submit that work for approval. The finished work is a product that you will be happy to show your clients.



A pressure sensitive pen tablet digitizer using software that approximates the look and feel of traditional media may be used for brush stroke effects or calligraphic text. Procedural scripts or digital methods are great for fills and certain texture effects. Even photographs can be directly integrated into the work. Some works are best done in a 3-D environment and are raytraced, where virtual light and shadow are applied over a computer-defined surface. This is great for simulating smooth or glossy surfaces and lighting effects. Other techniques involve precision curves and shapes using 2-D “vectors” that can be easily adjusted. From these various techniques, the final product will be created as efficiently and aesthetically as possible to fit your tastes and technical requirements.