How Keap Establishes an Entrepreneur Empowering Culture

Cosmo SpadaCRM

Video Transcript:

Ken Cook
You guys have done a really good job of creating a culture within Keap, formerly know as Infusionsoft, that I think is in a way, empowers not only your employees and you to see freedom, but empowers them to give your customers glimpse into what freedom can look like.

And I think a lot of people look at it and they see the headquarters and they see the basketball hoop and they see the banners hanging from the ceiling. And they say, Oh, it’d be so cool to have a basketball court. But I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s not about the basketball court.

Clate Mask
That’s right. Yeah, it’s about the purpose of the company. I say all the time culture is not the perks. Culture is the core philosophy of the company. And Jim Collins, who wrote, Built to Last, Good to Great, and a book called Beyond Entrepreneurship.

It’s his best one of all, by the way, least known, but it’s best, especially for entrepreneurs. He calls it: its purpose, values, and mission. And for over a decade, we got into this over a decade ago, really digging into purpose, values, mission, and creating an amazing culture.

And when you hire, coach, and fire to the purpose, values, and mission, you build a great culture. And our purpose is to liberate and empower entrepreneurs to strengthen families, communities, and economies. We know the challenges of entrepreneurship.

We know the thrill and the freedom of entrepreneurship. We know that sales and marketing automation is the great game changer for them. And we know that when entrepreneurs are successful, the impact they have on their families, their communities, and entire economies is amazing.

People say, Oh, small business is the strength of economies. No, it’s not. It’s growing small businesses. It’s entrepreneurial small businesses. That’s the strength of economies. And we know what happens when entrepreneurs are successful. We’ve watched it now for two decades.

We’ve seen the impact they have, the thrill it is for them to win and be successful. And that’s what lights us up. So if that’s your purpose, you hire people who are bought into that purpose and you coach people up to that purpose.

When they’re waning and if they don’t come up to it, you fire them. You hire, coach, and fire to your purpose and your mission. Our mission is to simplify growth for 1,000,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

So we want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to grow their business. We hire people to that. We coach people to that and we fire people that aren’t into that. And it’s not that they’re bad or wrong. It’s that there’s a different place that’s better for them.

But for us, we want people that are totally bought into our purpose, our mission, and our values. And so that’s how you create great culture. That’s what culture is at the core, its purpose, values and mission.