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Every day millions of searches are conducted online. Many of these searches are local with the intent to find local services and goods. How visible your website is can mean the difference between a successful year and struggling business. One particular piece to a solid online local search strategy is how your business appears across the internet. Below you can scan you website to view how accurate your business is across the internet.

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Get an edge on your competition with a local business scan. We provide a clear perspective on how you appear in search results.

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In order for your business to get found it is important to understand what makes your website visible within search engines. Two factors come int

Local Search Engine Optimization focuses on improving a company’s website visibility when their customer searches for them.

Most small companies don’t need the attention of customers at a national level. Local SEO aims to get the attention of your business in the community that is most likely to buy from you.

Statistics About Local SEO

  • 56% of Mobile Searches have local intent.
  • 86% of people search locally.
  • 75% of internet usage is on a mobile device
  • Nearly 75% of searches on mobile for local service or product purchase the same day.
  • Google accounts for over 76% of all global desktop search traffic

Our approach to Local SEO is finding and promoting you in channels that relate to your business.

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