mobile app marketing

Mobile App Development NewbergOne of the best new technologies to engage clients in the modern business world is the mobile app. In 2013 upwards of 102 Billion apps were downloaded by smartphone users (Source). This means that the mobile app has become a key mode of communication between businesses and consumers. One common question involving mobile technology is, does a business need a mobile app if it has a mobile (responsive) website? While cases can be made both for the exclusivity of both responsive websites and mobile apps, it is our belief that these products serve distinct purposes and should be used for its intended purpose. Mobile applications central benefits revolve around client loyalty, communication and speed.

Push Notifications

Once a customer downloads your mobile app, you, the owner of the app, will have the ability to send Push Notifications. A push notification is similar to a text message in style however, there are several key advantages to having push notifications over text message marketing. The key benefits of a Push Notifications:

  • There is no cost to the customer
  • Directly contact loyal customers to promote events, specials or news.
  • It’s not regulated by the Federal Communications Commission or other government entities
  • Create ads to target your users

Sample and Live Apps / Features

One common question is about the available features within our app platform. Please see the Available App Features and feel free to contact us with any questions.



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