Marketing, when done correctly, leads to a quality strategy. The ability to make the right strategic choice comes from quality information. We believe that these resources will help you to make those strategic choices. Check back to this page as we are always updating this section.
Take Rate Template

Find out what's working and what's not in your lead conversion so you can build an attractive offer.

Top Business Books

Ken Cook likes to read over 80 books a year. Here is a list of his favorite books on business.

Basic Marketing Plan

Revitalize your business with this 9-step, easy-to-use marketing plan.

Email Referral Template

Get new business leads  with an effective email where your current clients can refer you.

Business Scan Report

Learn how your business appears in search results and see the visibility of your website to potential customers in your area. 

Growth Prep-Talks

Hours worth of footage where Ken Cook interviews clients and business partners in regards to their expertise and success stories.