Search engine optimization (SEO) is designing, developing, and promoting your content in a way that search engines like. The end result isn't for search engines but for customers. That is why it is so important to develop a strategy that can attract customers and retain them on your website. There are typically a few areas that companies fail in developing a great website that is search friendly. A solid website that covers great content, a good user experience, and strong off-site presence. Our SEO strategy covers these issues.

SEO through content. Content is the primary factor that search engines use to rank your site. Everything from website text, images, video, reviews, and even audio can be used to provide great content. We often look for ways to deliver content that separates you from the competition. Depending on the type of market you compete in, editing and improving your content can be the difference in making your website improve in search results.

SEO through user experience. User experience is an important piece in making a website optimized for search results. Google and Bing care if you hit the back button after visiting the website. A good experience could be everything from a secure website, server speed, mobile friendliness, etc. We try to incrementally improve your website so that at the end your website is as helpful to your customers as possible.

SEO through external-site presence. This is both important and challenging piece of SEO and often a neglected element by most businesses. Search engines look at your website and determine whether your content is consistent with what other sites mention about you. Do you offer the services you mention, how is the quality of your products, do people mention your brand in social media? This is all about building consumer confidence. All of these questions among others need to be addressed. Some of this is easy to control while other elements need a more creative approach. We try to figure out what makes sense for your company and focus on achieving good ranking based on your business goals.

Our SEO Consultation

Our consultation can take many different approaches. From eCommerce SEO to localized SEO for clients. Every client has different needs but some elements of SEO remain the same. That is where we take a look at what you have been doing and assess the direction that might make the most sense. For one business this might be local listing updates while another might be some code improvements. That is where we like to evaluate your site and examine:
  • Business Objectives
  • Value Propositions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tactical Driven Programs
  • Analytical Results
We believe this mix gives your SEO program a direction that leads to successful and long-lasting SEO results.