At Prepared Marketing we offer several types of Social Media Account Management Services.

Social Profile Optimization

Revitalize your company’s social media profiles with our Social Profile Optimization. We’ll update your company’s social profiles and optimize them to meet your business goals. The

service includes:

  • Profile picture optimization
    • Your profile picture is what will identify your business on social. We will make sure it accurately represents you or your business and is presented with appropriate dimensions for both desktop and mobile.
  • Cover photo optimization
  • Your cover photo needs to look professional and far from cookie cutter. Through our optimization process we’ll set your cover photo to the appropriate dimensions for each platform, and we’ll arrange the image so nothing is cut out or hidden.
  • Consistent names and social handles across all platforms
  • Why are consistent names and handles so important? It makes your business much easier for people to find. More importantly, it makes it easier for Google to find you. This means improved SEO and higher rankings in Google.
  • Updated “about us”
  • Whether or not your business has changed since its inception, an update to your profile’s “about us” section is always beneficial. We’ll keyword this section appropriately to aid in your SEO/Google ranking and provide your profile with fresh content.

Campaign Management

Everyone knows Social Media is a huge time sink. As a business owner, you don’t have time to be on social media constantly. With Prepared Marketing’s Social Media Campaign Management, we’ll take over your social channels and run them for you. From organic posting strategy to fan engagement, we’ll grow your business on the platforms that fit best for you business.


Many business owners are “do-it-yourself” type of people. We completely understand. Through our Social Media Consulting, we’ll teach you how to use social platforms and build a custom social marketing strategy tailored to you and your business. As the business owner you’ll execute this strategy yourself, but with our custom built, actionable plan, you’ll save yourself the time of fumbling around on social media and get headed in the right direction.