How Disney’s Immaculate Bathrooms are Used in Marketing Their Theme Parks

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Video Transcript:

Ken Cook
So let’s start off here. Why is marketing so difficult for most entrepreneurs?

Clate Mask
Yeah, you know, it’s such a great question, because marketing, there’s a few reasons. first of all, it means so much, you know, marketing it can mean advertising to some people. It can mean the technology and all of the online stuff that goes on.

It can mean the process of converting a lead, you know, taking a lead and converting it into a client, it means a lot. I mean, for heaven’s sakes, I’ve heard one of the people that I followed early on, a guy named Dan Kennedy.

He said marketing for Disney is clean bathrooms. So you think about– and Disneyland learned a long time ago that for them to put their brand out there the right way, their bathrooms needed to be clean, their sidewalks needed to be immaculate and there’s trash cans every 20 feet or whatever.

So marketing can mean so much, it can literally mean everything from the first impression that you give to a prospect to the way that you reinforce your brand for lifelong customers. And so that’s one reason why marketing can be very overwhelming and very confusing and difficult for entrepreneurs to understand.

But there’s another thing that I found that’s kind of special to entrepreneurs. We entrepreneurs sometimes are not as process-oriented in our thinking. And here’s why, because we’re wearing 27 different hats, juggling all these balls, trying to handle all these different things and marketing by its very nature is more of a process than it is an episode.

And so if you think about it for the entrepreneur, that’s running in 100 different directions and trying to cover so many different things. They don’t have teams of people to go put on their latest marketing campaign or project.

You know, it’s a lot of times it’s them and a scrappy little team, maybe even a contractor or two, or maybe them and their spouse, you know? And so to try to actually put together a soup to nuts marketing campaign, that is really challenging.

And let’s be honest, we’re busy putting out fires, were busy taking care of the hot issue of the day. That’s important that we get to that that will help to serve a customer.

And so when you combine the fact that marketing means a whole lot of different things with the very busy nature of an entrepreneur that sometimes struggles to be process-oriented in their thinking, it’s no wonder that marketing can be overwhelming and can sometimes be hit and miss for entrepreneurs.

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