How to Use Psychology to Increase Sales

David BaerUncategorized

Have you written a great book, but had trouble finding leads?  The goal is to find customers interested in your book and prompt them to purchase your book.  This is a task that is no easy feat unless you understand psychology.  You can persuade potential customers through various psychological techniques.


What types of psychology techniques should you use?  The following are honest psychological techniques and not the work of a slick salesman.  Therefore, anyone can try their hand at these techniques and maximize their leads and profits. 


The three techniques include:  giving a gift, determining exactly what your customers want, and to present bounce-back offers.  Let’s take a look at each technique in more detail.


  1. Give a potential customer a gift.  Giving a gift before you encourage a customer to buy your product is highly effective.  This method actually prompts your customer to buy more of your product at their own initiation.  Customers respond beneficially when they feel you are giving a gift.  Make sure that you are truly giving a gift such as a free report.


Giving gifts can also help you build your email list.  You can give away bonus reports and other free items in exchange for contact information.  Giving a gift is a form of pre-selling.  It allows the customer to check you and see if you are legitimate.  Plus, once a customer trusts you they are likely to buy more of your products.  Being available and attentive to your potential customers and regular customers will increase your sales dramatically.


2. Determine what your customers want and present it to them.  As an author, you should not expect to write your book and then just place it out in the market for others to find.  Your book should be geared towards your customer.  Therefore, you need to find customers that are interested in the niche area that matches your book topic.


3. Bounce back offers are items or services that you will provide for free, or at a discount, once a customer has purchased your product.  For example, you can tempt customers by giving them a 25% coupon on their next purchase.  The purpose of bounce-back offers is not only to prompt your customer to buy in the first place but to continue to buy your products and services well into the future.


These three techniques are just a sampling of the many ways you reach a customer and convert a lead to a sale.  Successful authors and promoters incorporate these techniques in their marketing and promotion.


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