The Secret to a Million Dollar Business

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Video Transcript: Ken Cook That is perhaps the biggest game changer for the small business, is to have something that works when you’re not. Have something that’s selling, that’s marketing, that’s engaging while you’re sleeping. So if you look at that piece of automation, what is it that is so … Read More

How Keap Establishes an Entrepreneur Empowering Culture

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Video Transcript: Ken Cook You guys have done a really good job of creating a culture within Keap, formerly know as Infusionsoft, that I think is in a way, empowers not only your employees and you to see freedom, but empowers them to give your customers glimpse into what freedom … Read More

How To Convert More Prospects Into Clients

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The challenge of converting prospects into clients is an issue that has faced businesses since the dawn of commerce. Although there are many ways to approach this problem, the simplest approach involves three easy steps: understanding your audience, defining desired outcomes for them, and establishing a plan to apply consistent … Read More

A Primer On Incorporating Upselling In Your Business

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When you hear the word upsell, most people think “would you like fries with that?” or “would you like to supersize it?” But upselling is a lot more than just getting a bigger burger for $1 extra. Upselling, simply put, is when you offer additional products or services, often at … Read More

4 Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Business

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A marketing strategy is essential in today’s world for any business to succeed, and it starts by attracting more clients. That’s why it is so important for any business to take the time and invest in attracting new clients.  The key to success starts with attracting more clients by making … Read More